Custom Speech Commands - Voice Control - Voice Command

Make something out of the ordinary and your favorite geeks will say..." Man, that's cool!" A huge number of people have been using the tazti custom speech command feature to create voice commands to open their favorite Youtube videos; files, folders, songs, programs and webpages on websites by talking to their PC. You have max flexibility with tazti custom voice commands to voice control almost anything you want! We even have people building home control systems with tazti to turn on lights, open shades turn on TV and stereo.

What can you do with tazti? Make a video of how you are using tazti, post it to Youtube with the word tazti in the title and as a keyword and let us know. We will place links on our website leading to the most innovative uses of tazti.

tazti has more than 200 custom speech commands slots built into it. So give tazti a try and be imaginitive about what kind of actions you want to associate to speech commands.

For commercial and special uses we will build custom versions of tazti. Contact us for more information.