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Can I really play a video game using tazti and my voice?

Yes - it's true! tazti even comes already set up to let you control and play World of Warcraft, out of the box. Want to control games besides WoW? You'll need to spend a couple of minutes to setup tazti - but it works with virtually any game or even programs such as Photoshop.

See the FAQ section 'About tazti & Video Games' for more details.

Does it work with Ventrilo VoIP Chat?
Yes, and it's very easy to setup. Set Ventrilo to work with Push-To-Talk mode. Add a keybinding to your tazti gaming profiles that trigger the Push-To-Talk key setup in Ventrilo.
How do I get more game profiles?
tazti includes a gaming profile for World of Warcraft. You can create gaming profiles for other games or programs through the game/application tab. You can also download pre-built gaming profiles.
How do I download pre-built game profiles?
Click the game/application tab on the tazti dashboard. Click the "Get More/Share Profiles" button. Then click the "Get More Profiles" tab and browse the programs and game profiles. Follow the links to download a profile for the program or game - it will automatically install in tazti.
Can I share my custom game profiles?
Yes - Click the "Get More/Share Profiles" button. Click the "Share A Profile" tab, and fill out the form to upload your game profile. You'l need to setup an account to upload the profile. Once uploaded, the profile will be available publicly to anyone who has tazti and internet service, even if they live in Tahiti.
Can I modify or delete an existing game/application profile?
Yes. You can modify any profile - one that came with tazti, one that you downloaded, or one that you created - by adding and deleting speech commands. You can delete a profile, but this will delete all the speech commands in the profile. You cannot delete or modify profiles that you have uploaded to our sharing website - only our moderator can do that. Please contact the moderator at info@tazti.com if you want something deleted that you uploaded.
Does tazti work with robots, garage doors, and other hardware?
Sure. Any kind of hardware you can connect to through software on a PC can be controlled using tazti's API feature. tazti even works with Mindstorm! Try connecting tazti to hardware by creating a speech command to trigger batch files or exes you created.
Is it Mac compatible?
Sorry, tazti only works on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you have a dual boot Mac or use a Windows Virtual Machineon your Mac you might be able to get tazti to run. We have tried this ourselves, so do let us know if you get it running.
In at game I have, tazti works when the game is in certain modes, but not all modes. Why is this?
In some games, pressing a keyboard key may have different effects when in a game is in various modes. One mode may accept keypresses while another may only accept mouse clicks. Timing may also be different in different modes. You may want to create two speech commands for a single keypress with different timings based on the mode you want to use them in. Have fun experimenting with your game.
Which version of the download should I choose?
There is now only one version of tazti, compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. You must have these operating systems to run tazti. Previous versions of tazti were available for XP and Vista.
I'm running other types of speech recognition software to dictate letters or documents - will tazti interfere with this? Will tazti run OK with other software installed on the same machine?
We are continually testing tazti for compatibility issues. If you run across a program that seems to be causing problems for tazti or tazti is causing problems for something else, please let us know so we can post it here. Contact us at support@tazti.com.
Can more than one person use tazti?
Yes. tazti will now recognize more than one person without the need for the training that was required by previous versions of tazti.
Why doesn’t tazti begin immediately after I finished the installation?
When you install tazti onto your computer it is stored on your hard drive, but the program must be started manually. Click the tazti icon (a box with three letters “t” in it) on your start menu to run tazti.
I installed tazti on Windows 8.1 but I can't find the tazti icon on the Start Menu. How do I start tazti?

Windows 8.1 no longer allows programs to install shortcuts directly to the Start Menu. Only you, the user is allowed to pin shortcuts to the Start Menu. Regardless, there are three ways to find the tazti application while on the Start Menu: (1) You can click your mouse at the bottom of the Start Menu and a down arrow appears - click this arrow and Windows 8.1 will display all the installed programs or (2) You can just start typing "tazti" while on the Start Menu and Windows 8.1 will automatically search for tazti while you are typing or(3) You can move your mouse to the upper right corner of the Start Menu until you see Windows 8.1 Charms Bar, then click on the Search charm, type "tazti" and Windows 8.1 will search for tazti.

Once you find tazti using any of these methods you can pin tazti to your Start Menu by right clicking on tazti and clicking on the 'Pin to Start Menu' option that appears.

How do I know that tazti is working?

The first time you start tazti it takes a few seconds to begin. A small splash window will open indicating tazti is starting up, then you will see the main dashboard.

Any future times you open tazti, the tazti icon will be visible in the System Tray, which is usually located in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen. tazti checks for updates everytime it opens.

Everything seems to be running ok, but tazti doesn’t recognize anything that I say. What is the problem?

Any number of things could cause this problem:

  • Check that your microphone is plugged in.
  • Make that the microphone is plugged all the way into the plug.
  • Make sure that the microphone is plugged into the correct plug.
  • Make sure that your microphone is selected as a recording device through Control Panel/Sound/Recording.
  • Make sure that the volume is high enough for the microphone. Check this on Control Panel/Sound/Recording.
  • If all else fails, you may need to select the microphone boost feature.
I just re-installed the operating system because I was having a problem. Now my microphone does not seem to be working (not enabled).. Do you know what the problem might be?

Most PC's come with restore disks for reinstalling the operating system. When the operating system is restored from these disks or hard drive partitions, the microphone may not be enabled by default. This means that any microphone plugged into the PC will not be recognized and will not operate correctly.

Follow the steps listed below to enable the microphone.

  • Open the control panel in your PC.
  • Then Click on the "Hardware and Sound" icon.
  • Then Click on the "Sound" category.
  • The "Sound" dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • Then Click on the "Recording" tab of the "Sound" dialog box.
  • If no icons appear in the "Recording" tab of the "Sound" dialog box, the user should Click the right button on the user's mouse with the cursor in the empty "Sound" dialog box. A menu appears. Then Click on "Show Disabled Devices". This shows the sound drivers installed in your PC but not yet turned on (enabled).
  • One or more icons will appear in the empty "Sound" dialog box.
  • One of the icons will be for an "Audio Device".
  • Click the right button on the user's mouse with the cursor on the "Audio Device".
  • A menu appears.
  • Use your mouse to click on the word "Enable" on the the menu. This will cause the "Audio Device" to change its status to "Enabled".
  • Plug your microphone into into the correct plug on your PC.
  • A microphone icon will appear in the "Recording" tab of the "Sound" dialog box.
  • Click the right button on the user's mouse with the cursor on the microphone icon. A menu appears.
  • Click "Enable" on the menu to cause the microphone to begin operating.
  • Click the "OK" button on the "Sound" dialog box.
  • Your microphone is now enabled..
Why won’t a particular program work with tazti?
tazti works with most programs, but may not work with every program on your computer. There are thousands of software programs out there and each programmer does things a little differently. We’ve covered more than the basics here, but cannot confirm all programs are compatible with tazti.
I uninstalled and reinstalled tazti. Why does it ask me to activate again?
tazti requires activation every time it is installed. After tazti is installed and activated you can run it as often as you want!
Why can’t tazti respond to some dialog boxes that pop up from certain programs?
Some types of dialog boxes can’t be clicked on by using tazti. One example of this is the dialog boxes in the internet firewall program ‘Zone Alarm’. This is due to intricate security programming by Zone Alarm to keep hackers from deactivating their program. In the Zone Alarm software’s setup you have the choice to have the program notify you by pop up box of certain issues. We recommend you turn off the pop up notifications option as it doesn’t affect the excellent protection offered by Zone Alarm. See Zone Alarm’s help file for more information on turning off pop up notifications. You can always turn it on later if you want to.
I can never remember the speech commands. How do I get a paper copy that I can keep by the computer?
On the dashboard, under the Custom tab, click the button marked ‘Print Commands’. This will bring up a webpage with a list of speech commands recognized by tazti. You can print out this webpage. The print out may be several pages long. Be sure your printer is turned on and is connected to the PC. There is a similar button on the game/applications tab to print out the speech commands in a game/application profile. Select a profile in the list box, then click the print button.
I don’t like the list of speech commands – can I change them to different words?
Does tazti allow me to change my mouse configuration so I can use the mouse left-handed?
Yes it does, but you must change your mouse settings so that your mouse is set up for left-handed use. Simply click on the Options tab. The right hand side of the screen shows an illustration of a mouse, displaying how it is currently configured. The button that your computer recognizes as the ‘click’ button is shaded in grey. If ‘Context Menu’ is on the left and ‘Click’ is on the right, your computer is already setup for left-handed use. If ‘Context Menu’ is to the right of ‘Click’, then your computer is set up for right-handed use. In addition, the illustration tells you the current mouse configuration. To change the mouse configuration, click on the button beneath the illustration to change the setting. When you click this button it changes your mouse immediately and the change applies for all the programs on your computer.
Why doesn’t tazti work while the welcome screen is visible?
tazti only starts listening for voice commands once the Control Window becomes visible.
Why does tazti ask me if I really want to “exit” the program or “shutdown” the computer when I say those voice commands?
This is on purpose to make sure that tazti does not recognize these commands by mistake and take actions you do not want.
My Question isn't covered hasn't been answered by this page. How do I contact you for additional support?
If you have additional questions please contact us at support@tazti.com.