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tazti 3.2.0 Released - Older versions no longer supported

April 26, 2014 03:23PM
The new version of tazti, 3.2.0, has been released. This new version adds new features such as the ability to import and export profiles and custom commands.

Our latest version of tazti 3.2 and future versions will no longer include itunes control. We've decided to concentrate on custom commands and game and application control by voice. As well we've eliminated many other components of older versions including Jot a note dictation. Please see tazti.com to see the latest feature set.

If you want to upgrade and then use 3.2 be sure to share all of your game/application profiles in your existing version using the built in tazti sharing controls. Then you will be able to download your game application profiles later from the sharing website into your new version.

Deactivate tazti so your license activation is added back to our server so you can use it later. If you do not share your game/application profiles you should manually write down what you want to carry over to your new version of tazti so you can manually type it in. Also all custom commands need to be written down.

Uninstall tazti. delete any tazti folder you find in your "Documents" folder. As well delete any tazti folder you find by following this path disk (C)/ Users/ your PC's name / AppData/ Roaming/ tazti.

Now you can download and install the new version of tazti. Be sure to allow all pre-requisites to be installed. Tazti actually interacts with all of those Microsoft pre-requisites.

Run tazti then use the email address and order ID number we originally sent you when you first purchsed tazti to activate your new version of tazti. If you need to purchase an activation you can do so at tazti.com.


Adam at tazti

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tazti 3.2.0 Released - Older versions no longer supported

admin 2447 April 26, 2014 03:23PM

Re: tazti 3.2.0 Released - Older versions no longer supported

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