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controlling winamp for idiots

December 06, 2010 05:11PM
hi there, really wanna spark off a discussion about controlling winamp from the command line and therefore Tazti.
i cant see anything on here about it. my theory is that if i slug through it and write about it, then someone else wont have to.

im sure the itunes intigration is wonderful but itunes weighs like 70 meg and commandeers you music collection
whereas winamp is an angel and is light as a feather.

theres several programs out there for controlling winamp via the command line, the one im trying is Clever

it can be found here [www.winamp.com]

now the instructions provided are terrible, so for a complete novice like me, well,
ive been staring at it for the last week trying to make it work.

then i found this. i wanna kiss this guy cos it now works


i didnt get it the first time, i had to re-read it three times and now, finally, winamp is moving via the command line.

now i gotta figure out what to tell Tazti. i think i may have to learn how to use a bat file...

but, getting there!
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controlling winamp for idiots

Redd 3640 December 06, 2010 05:11PM

Re: controlling winamp for idiots

Redd 2299 December 06, 2010 08:01PM

Re: controlling winamp for idiots

Machrias 2181 December 07, 2010 12:16PM

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