December 06, 2010 08:01PM
ok i didnt have to use .bat files. clever will work if you use it like this, making sure the spaces between the letters are correct

and therefore you can create a custom command using the same text

so my custom command looks like this

basically you choose the program (clever)

and type in the command you want it to do.
theres a list of commands here

also if you look closely you can see the text i used to open clever up. this might seem trivial to some reading, but this took me an age to figure out and was quite frustrating. hope this helps someone.
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controlling winamp for idiots

Redd 3505 December 06, 2010 05:11PM

Re: controlling winamp for idiots

Redd 2191 December 06, 2010 08:01PM

Re: controlling winamp for idiots

Machrias 2086 December 07, 2010 12:16PM

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