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Re: Navigating Desktop

December 19, 2010 01:22AM
Hi Dennis,

tazti doesn't work the way you describe.

If you want to open a particular program you need to create a specific speech command for that program on the "Custum tab".

1. Go to custom tab and click "add" button. This opens a new window.

2. In the new window in step 1 type in whatever you want to be your new speech command you want to use to open a program installed on your PC. Your speech command can be any english words not already used as a speech command.

3. In the new window in step 2 choose if you want your new speech command to open a website, open a directory, run a program/open a file or run a program with a command line.

4. In the new window in step 3 you can browse to a program you want to open by speaking this new speech command. Select it and the path appears in the text box.

5. Click the "save" button on the bottom of the window. It associates the program's path to your newly created speech commad and saves it in tazti.

After saving the new speech command, it is available to use immediately.

You would follow the same process for each program you want to open with a speech command. We programmed tazti this way because people wanted the flexibility to be able to create their own speech commands to open stuff. You'd be surprised at the unorthodox speech commands people are creating. One user emailed us that he created a speech command "who's the boss now dawg" and associated to a website I will not name.....

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Navigating Desktop

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Re: Navigating Desktop

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