January 11, 2010 12:47PM
I'm trying to get Tazti working for a friend's 25 year old daughter who was in a car accident. Her speech isn't clear enough for Tazti to recognize all of the commands correctly. (We have completed four different passages for the "train a recognition profile".) I want to change some of the commands but don't know where the .exe files are. (I apologize that my computer background isn't great.):

1. I want to change "click" and "double click" to something simpler to say such as "tap" and "two tap" by adding them as custom commands. Where would I find the "program" for the mouse click/double click/right click?

2. I want to change "mute computer microphone" and "activate computer microphone" to just "no mike" and "mike on". Where would I find the "program" for those commands?

3. I want to change "search bookmarks" to "go to fav". Where would I find the right .exe to create that as a custom command?

Also, is there a way to delete some of the standard commands in Tazti so that the program doesn't have that option? My thinking is that if there are fewer commands available, she will be sent to the wrong place/have the wrong program open less often.

Thanks you for your help and I again apologize for my lack of computer knowledge.

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