April 14, 2011 02:07PM

I purchased Tazti today for one reason and that was to be able to define keyboad macro's and associate a voice commad with each one. I would use the command to activate a Hot Key defined by this other progam. I read this topic and saw the date and assumed it has been long enough that I would be purchasing the version that had the functionalty I requiresd.

After activating tazti I went to the Custom tab and to my surprise there wasn''t a way to define anything like keyboad macro's. Maybe I jumped the gun and I shohld have looked a bit deeper.

I've been looking for a while and today was the first time I come across your product I hope I didn't let my excitement cost me $30.

Am I missing something? If so please clue me in.

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Keyboard interface...

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Re: Keyboard interface...

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