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Re: Keyboard interface...

April 14, 2011 02:55PM
Hi Fred,

Thanks for your question. The functionality you are looking for is located on the 'Gaming' tab, not the 'Custom' tab. On the Gaming tab, you will see that you can create keystroke macros, keystroke combination macros (like 'ctrl+x') and MMORPG type macros (like '\dance' etc.). Definitely look at the help topic for the Gaming tab to understand how make these macros -- it's pretty straightforward, but you can do some pretty subtle things with it.

Basically, here is how the functionality of the program breaks down:

Custom tab - associate a speech command to a website, program or program with a command line parameter

Gaming tab - associate commands to individual keys, combinations of keys, or macros (a series of keystrokes). These commands are grouped together into 'profiles'.

API tab - more complicated and sophisticated method of interacting with websites and programs - like a combination of Gaming and Custom features, on steroids. Definitely read the instructions on this before using.

All the other tabs are straightforward except that the dictation features are listed under the 'Basic' tab.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

team tazti
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Keyboard interface...

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