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Do older versions get upgraded?

October 05, 2014 04:57PM
Hi Tazti guys,

I'm back with more questions and suggestions.

First, I'm running version 2.4. Do any new features get added to older versions via patches, or do I need to purchase the latest version to get newest features?

Secondly, can I install the new version over my existing one, or do I need to uninstall my current version first?

And Lastly, I'm once again running into timing issues with keystrokes. This time the game is Shadow of Mordor. Many of its combat moves require quickly tapping a key. Example: to throw daggers you must tap Q. In Tazti the 1/4 second is the quickest option after instantaneous. For whatever reason instantaneous doesn't trigger a keystroke and 1/4 seconds is too long. I know I asked in the past about adding a 1/8 seconds option, but after long thought I have a suggestion even better (if possible).

What would you guys think about replacement of the time selection drop down box with an empty database field? This would give users limitless timing ranges between 0-99 seconds. You could format the field to 3 decimal places, so users can enter fractional times. Example: To solve my problem above I could enter a value of 0.100 seconds which is quicker than the 1/4 seconds drop down option.

Thanks for the great product and for taking time to read this,
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Do older versions get upgraded?

coyoterys 1480 October 05, 2014 04:57PM

Re: Do older versions get upgraded?

admin 1137 November 11, 2014 12:39AM

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