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Re: Global Push to Mute key

September 28, 2011 12:11AM
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the question. Tazti can do more or less what you are asking for. We recommend the following:

1. Set up a 'push to talk' (PTT) key in Ventrilo (e.g. set some key or key combo to trigger Ventrilo)
2. Set up a gaming speech command in your gaming profile to send the 'PTT' key you set up in Ventrilo. Makes sure to set a reasonable duration for the gaming speech command, say 3 seconds or however long you want, and you're set.

Now, when you say the gaming speech command, the speech command triggers the Ventrilo PTT key for however long you set the duration, then releases. In effect, tazti is still listening when you trigger Ventrilo, but rather than limiting tazti (and hence your gameplay) while you have Ventrilo running, you are limiting Ventrilo except when you really want it while tazti is always running. Our experience is that a lot game players only use Ventrilo for short bursts of speech anyway (commands, directions, short back and forths over strategy ) etc. Depending on your game play style, you could set up a number of different gaming speech commands each of which triggers the Ventrilo PTT button for different durations, so you can manage closely how long Ventrilo is on.

If you're careful about the commands that you pick for your gaming commands so they don't overlap much with the things you typically talk about using Ventrilo, then you should have very little problem with triggering tazti when using Ventrilo in bursts.

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