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The ability to create longer scripts smiling bouncing smiley

December 28, 2012 05:17PM
i am a quadriplegic and I use this program to play games mostly. I have also used the program called Voice Buddy for about six years now, although the program is very useful it has to be linked to each game that it functions with and some games are not compatible, which causes me not to be able to play them. Even though the scripting system in the Voice Buddy program is more advanced. it needs to break the barrier of limitations to be compatible with all games like Tazti. one major problem i am running into with Taszti, is the inability to create longer scripts, which in my case is very necessary, because I use my voice for everything, that includes movements and commands like throwing grenades and strafing randomly to avoid gun fire, for instance if i wanted to strafe left and right quickly for a period of 6 -10 seconds the three keys that are available limit me to strafe left then right once only and then i have to say that command again whereas if there were a way to write longer scripts, I could strafe left and right more than just one or two times as well as jump and periodically throw a grenade all in one scripted voice command without having to stop so often to say a command which most likely will lead to death I would greatly appreciate this, but I do like this application enough that I did support your app and I bought a license on your main website. One other thing I would like to add is if there is a way to script a voice command to control the mouse wheel this would also greatly help me and other disabled gamer's. Although I do use a headmaster mouse setup that I wear on my head which allows me to fire weapons with the left click puffer switch where ever I look and has a right click built into my wheelchair which I use to go forwards in most games, but unfortunately running forward and shooting is not enough to compete these day smiling smiley thanks in advance!
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The ability to create longer scripts smiling bouncing smiley

quadrip 2284 December 28, 2012 05:17PM

Re: The ability to create longer scripts smiling bouncing smiley

admin 1908 January 05, 2013 06:29PM

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