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Calling Functions and future major changes suggestions

April 08, 2010 01:33PM
hello all.

I'd thought I'd share some of my ideas about how the tazti GUI should function so it'd please a user like me in the long run.

The basics:

I don't like the fact that every time i am saying to a friend on skype "*very wrong*" tazti decides that it is a good time to search google for "Harry and Ron" or if i am saying "that was *close*" my software\window gets annihilated, also every time i am saying that "*I've moored* the ship" tazti comes up and decides that it is time to alleviate my boredom...

first and foremost I'd like to make the need to activate\mute tazti, i want tazti to listen all the time - like a good butler - but never speak\act unless spoken to.

I also think that the whole "recognition profile" is a needless redundancy in some cases* even though i am not fore its removal.
Let me explain; I would like to be able to configure a code word which will correspond to a key bind\combination of reconfigurable keys that would make tazti to wake up and listen for a *period* of time, let say 2 seconds.

so now i would be able tell my computer "Bob!" and it will respond with a beep or any other indication that would mean "yes maaaster". winking smiley If i haven't told it something comprehensible with in its limitation of search patterns and command bank that the user allows* then it would go dormant.

If the system recognizes that i have said "bob! listen!" then it would prolong the time period from 2 secs to let's say 5 secs. if the input is still incomprehensible the system would widen its search patterns making them more flexible and by using xp\vista\win7 text to speech ability it would verify what it had heard - vocally - (thus making it a true vocal *inter*action software) and will only execute upon hearing "bob! go!".

Now, you've noticed that i am calling my user "bob", other users on the computer would not want to talk to "bob" because "bob" does not know them - I.E. it is not their recognition profile - my sister would say "Emily!" to invoke her own recognition profile which will have her own costume commands.

* Tazti needs a check-box for each tab. I only want "basic" "costume" and "searches" tabs to be active, and then again i don't need everything that there is inside each of these tabs, no harry potter for me thankyouverymuch.

* I don't worry about my sister going through my things so there is no need for extra security\police state mentality in this case, but in cases which someone does not feel secure enough I guess that a secured profile might be useful.
My take on the subject is that in this scenario I'd like to call "Bob!" and bob will say "Authentication required:" and i would have to insert a password by *typing* (ears to the walls, ya know) and if the password is wrong then Bob would change its answer when it is called from "Authentication required:" to "Password mismatch - Authentication required:" and that would allow me to know that my sister was secretly trying to watch my digital stamp collection!

In a sense, the user would be browsing through a vocal menu (a syntax, if you will) instead of opening the GUI. I strongly believe that the development of that natural syntax is crucial to the success of this project.

Function calling:

I may be wrong but I haven't noticed any way to simulate keyboard input outside of the spellsearch option.

when i am saying "start menu" the start menu will open alright but then i am stuck.

I'd like to be able to say "Bob! up 5" or "Bob! right 2" to direct the selection like i would with a keyboard and then to be able to say "enter!" ("Bob! up 5, right 2, enter!"winking smiley and it'd go to the shortcut i need without me having to make a costume link for it.
It will also be nice if i could use tazti like this inside a game like civilization 4 or in MS Office or Open Office for that matter.

I'd also want to be able to say "Remember as! X" and a costume link will be created, for an example "Bob! up 5, right 2, enter! Remember as: Winrar" now every time I'll say "Bob! Winrar!" it will go to the same place, how ever if my sister would say "Emily! Winrar!" nothing will happen.

IDK if this is possible for you developers, but a text recognition ability would be nice so I can tell Bob to go for all programs by saying "Bob! start menu! All programs!" instead of "Bob! start menu, up 3, left, down, right." or "Bob! start menu, up 3, left, down, enter." which are long and awkward.

Before anyone is ruling out these options, think about people with disabilities.
Tazti could be much more then a simple fun to use gadget-like software.

when i am playing first person shooters with friends and manages to achieve something extraordinary I'd like to be able to shout "Screenshot!" and tazti would emulate me pressing F9 \ F5 \ PrtSc.

I am talking about general vocal binds that would work for everything and program specific vocal binds that would work only when *inside* a 3rd party program.

so if i am shouting "Screenshot!" while playing CS: S then the bind would be F9 (Because i have configured it to be, remember - we are talking *costume*) and if i am in BF2 then the bind would be PrtSc.

Just remember that if you're changing something, not everyone might like it. add a check-box to turn off each of the voice links\options and tabs.

Thank you for what you have done so far, much appreciated,

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Calling Functions and future major changes suggestions

Tuxu 1717 April 08, 2010 01:33PM

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