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Re: Skype

November 18, 2011 03:45PM
I found one way to do it via custom commands .For windows7 I had to put the command in the skype phone program-file directory for it to work, Assuming you want to make a call via skype-out to john in switzerland (country code +41, number 22 123 4567)
create a file called calljohn.cmd and include the below one line text in that file
skype.exe /callto:+41221234567?

Then create the custom command 'calljohn' and point it to the file calljohn.cmd in programfiles/skype/phone

This means you use one 'custom command' (out of 75 max) for each 'call to' number.

For my nearly-blind Mom, I can set up about 10 phone numbers like this and a few 'read' audio book commands, or listen to music MP3s or podcasts.
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