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Delete/change Pre-Programed Commands

August 04, 2010 02:46AM
Please don't get me wrong my submitting this suggestion as though I am unhappy with the work you have done to put such a wonderful product together. I am a programmer as well and know how hard you have to work to create something this robust.

With that being said I noticed that as I was interacting with my computer sometimes I would speak some command and it would keep opening random web pages; followed by the pop up window saying "I heard Ask men". I understand that Askmen.com or whatever might be a site that some folks use, it's certainly not one of my fav's. Is there a way to clear out all of those pre-programmed sites like "Go Yahoo" and put in any command there that I would like. This way I can save the database storage space for commands that I would really use.

Also, (as nerd as this sounds) I have named my computer. I like to talk to/with it like it's more of an assistant that a device. When I am drafting, working on my laptop or working on an algorithm for a new program I would like to simply speak a command and then have the Tazti program respond in like fashion. Most of my commands begin with [my computer/assistant's name] then do this or that.

Would there be a way for me to have certain commands generate certain .wav or .mp3 file activations. Say for instance I spoke, "Jarvis, I'm in the mood for some music" the program can trigger (or play) the .wav/.mp3 file that asks, "What sort of music are you in the mood for?"

Now I'm not saying the staff of Tazti create all of the .wav/.mp3 files and questions; I can take care of that. I'm simply wondering if I can adjust the computer to ask follow up questions because sometimes commands require further explanation or input.

I have tried to open Tazti's files and play around with them to see if I can't adjust some of its programming so it will do things such as this but I cannot seem to open the .exe file and get into anything. If I could have the code be open-source and a good way of compacting it (back into a .exe file) again; then maybe I'd be getting somewhere.

Either way, any feedback or thoughts on the matter would be wonderful. I'm also very willing to offer my programming assistance if need be.

I look forward to your thoughts! Thanks again for everything guys!!!
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Delete/change Pre-Programed Commands

gr8_big_geek 3664 August 04, 2010 02:46AM

Re: Delete/change Pre-Programed Commands

admin 2561 December 15, 2010 11:09PM

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