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Re: Key strings are not possible?

August 27, 2011 09:41PM
Hi Ken,

Thanks for posting your question.

You are asking if tazti allows you to create a voice command and configure it so that it sends a series of key strings, one at a time. Yes, you can do this in tazti. It is called a Macro Gaming Speech Command, and is available through the gaming tab on tazti's main dashboard. Here is how you do it:

1) Click on the tazti 'gaming' tab in tazti
2) Double click one of your existing gaming profiles (or create a new gaming profile first, then double click on it) to get to the pop up screen listing speech commands for that gaming profile
3) Click the 'New Speech Command' button to create a new speech command
4) Enter the trigger phrase, and description
5) Where it says 'Pick the type of speech command', click the 'Macro Command' radio button to select it
6) Select the first letter of your series of key strings from the dropdown marked 'Macro Start'
7) Type the remaining key strings, in order, in the text box labeled 'Macro Action'
8) Click the save button
9) You're ready to test that command, crank up that gaming profile and try it

This feature was designed to let players create a speech command that would trigger a macro in games like WoW, Rift and other MMORPGs. So you could say 'bow', tazti would send the following characters in the following order: \bow[carriage return]
and your character would bow. However this feature works for any situation with virtually any program where you want to send a series of key strings, not just for WoW macros - it would work with notepad, webmail, chat, whatever.

The other two 'types' of gaming speech commands let you send a single key with a gaming speech command (this is called 'single keystroke') and send a combination of key strings (for example, if you want to send ctrl+alt+d through a speech command).

Let me know how it goes, if you get it working with Magicka or if you have any other questions.

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team tazti
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