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Re: Key strings are not possible?

August 30, 2011 11:50PM
Hi Ken,

tazti does let you control the time duration between keystrings, but it may not be obvious how to do this. We discovered early on the timing issue you asked about - many games (we're talking about you Guild Wars!) have unique timing requirements, and we built tazti to try to accommodate these quirks. Follow these instructions to fix the problem:

1) Double click your gaming profile (or create one and open it) to view the list of gaming speech commands in the profile
2) Click on the gaming macro speech command (or create one) so that you can edit it
3) On the pane where you edit the keystrings for the gaming macro speech command there is a button named 'Troubleshoot' -click this button to view a new pop up screen
4) There are two dropdowns on this screen - the first controls the time duration between the 'Macro Start Key' and the 'Macro Action Text' and the second controls the duration between each of the keystrings in the 'Macro Action Text' as well as the timing between that and the 'Macro End Key'.
5) Adjust the timing, hit save and see if it works.
6) If the first timing adjustment does't work keep fooling with it until you find the right timing.

Notice the last step in the instructions -- 'Keep fooling around til you get it'. This is something you may have to do a bit of to get it work. In fact you're already started by realizing that for Magicka it is necessary to have use a 'Enter' for the 'Macro Start'. We've seen people do some amazing things with tazti using it for things we never thought of or intended it to do (one guy figured out how to drive his lego mindostorm robot through a maze by speaking commands through tazti) by fooling around with tazti. One simple example of this is that we built the 'Macro Gaming Command' to be able to handle sending macros to MMORPG games (example [/]bow[enter] to make my gnome warrior bow in WoW) - but we quickly realized that it could accommodate any number of situations where you have to handle a series of independent keystrokes. So while the macro gaming speech command interface is set up to for sending macros to MMORPGs you could just as easily use it send pre-built phrases or sentences to notepad or any other program.

Please let me know whether my recommendation for fixing the timing issue helps or note.

team tazti
Support Lead

P.S. I am very glad that you're able to get a lot of value out of tazti. Are you connected with or know about the AbleGamers group?
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Key strings are not possible?

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