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Newbie section

Posted by Redd 
Newbie section
November 29, 2010 06:13PM
hi all. my name is brian and im Irish. i like your program. im not great with command lines or scripts, but i figured out how to use the API's just this evening, to run winamp.

tis tres cool. ive named my computer lucy, so im like, lucy, play lemon jelly. lucy, play sebastien tellier. im loving it.

id like to suggest a newbie section.

also, can i ask, how many speech commands can i have per API?

kind regards,
Redd .
Re: Newbie section
November 29, 2010 09:45PM
Hi Brian,

We're glad you like tazti, and have figured out how to do get the API feature to do cool things! It's not so difficult once you start to see what it's all about. We highly recommend Machrias' tutorial postings on this forum (http://www.tazti.com/forums/read.php?2,73,73#msg-73 and [www.tazti.com]) as particularly helpful for step-by-step real life examples of using the API.

To our knowledge we haven't put an upper limit on the number of speech commands per API - but it if you feel like trying to find out if there is one, I say go for it!

I'll pass the suggestion along about a newbie section.

team tazti
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