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Control a Radio Station

July 01, 2012 08:11AM

I evaluated your software for over 2 weeks and i love it.

I just puchased it this weekend

At the moment, i am using it to have full control of a personnal Home Made Radio Station (89.9 FM)

I have a dedicated PC using FM pci broadcast card from PCS Electronics and it's doing a great job.
I am using Winamp 5.2 because of all it's ease of use, high quality plugins, SDK for remote control
I even purchased a sound compression AudioProcLite to give a better sound quality on the FM.

Like a Radio station, i have a music schedule that update the music every 30 minutes.
All my music is sorted by theme on the hard disk and i created a program to manage a database
that will create a playlist for winamp according the the music selection.
So i created many music schedule template according to different kind of music
(Top100, Latino, Pop Rock, Relaxation, Jazz, etc...)

On top of that, the Radio Station is able to give Time, Date, Current Weather and Forecast, News.
For weather and news, i made some scripts that goes on the internet, download specific web pages, convert them to regular text file
and extract specific information to individual files. They are than converted to voice even with music intro like a real Radio Station.
It is very cool ... ;-)

My Radio station was created in 2004 but i decided this year to find a solution to control everything at distance.
I am using a high quality Samson VHF SH-1 wireless microphone.
With this microphone, i am now able to control everything from the Spa, Pool, Sundeck, Patio, etc...

I even have a feature that give full info on the last Song that was played.
This feature is very cool for a small game of music knowledge when sitting near the fireplace.

I can also adjust Sound volume and panning, Stop/Restart Playback, Get previous/Next Song,
Ask for a new Selection or simply keep the same selection but make a rotation in the music selection.
I have made a little program that interface with Winamp via the SDK to have full control.
Some programs already exist out there but they were not complete.

I have 2 sound system on the 89.9 FM (1 outside, 1 inside) to drive 4 speakers total outside.
So i decided to purchase a small X10 kit to be able to control as well those Sound system.
Now i am able to turn them Off or On by voice. It is pure magic ...

Even my neighbors are asking me for the channel of my Radio Station now. (but it is limited in range ... 300 feet... Country limitation)
Since the Samson microphone as a very good range, i even give the microphone to neighbors so they control themself
the music selection or sound volume. It is amazing ...

So, my next step is to enable Specific Songs Request by using the API Search Function.in Tazti.

So this is my story ...

Warm Regards,

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Control a Radio Station

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