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Using Tazti to build websites

February 23, 2010 09:42AM
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I've incorporated Tazti into my website-building software. As in, I speak a command such as, "start a new project", and it launches one of my php scripts that starts a custom website project. The script then awaits text inputs, such as, "project name", "project type" (like a blog site or a full-blown business website), "project author", etc etc.

I'm really, REALLY hoping that a future version of Tazti will incorporate more than an A-B interaction (such as A = me giving a command, and B = Tazti executing an action). I think it'd be just so awesome if it was an A-B, C-D interaction (where A = my command and B = Tazti executing an action and then specifically awaiting voice input (like 3 or 4 voice elements) from me, C = my voice inputs and D = Tazti running a final execution based on those voice inputs).

Basically, when I say, "start a new project", I want Tazti to execute one of my php scripts and await my voice input. When I give the voice input, Tazti fills in the text input fields with my voice input and submits the page.

This seriously would be awesome! It's kinda like a primitive Jarvis system from IronMan.

Oh, another thing I think would be great is if Tazti can catch commands from a quick sentance, like, "Ok, lets start a new project shall we?" and it would catch "start a new project". I've experimented with this and it seems to need a short pause before the actual command is said in order to recognize it. Do I just need to train it more?

Another thing I think would be great is if when Tazti goes to a website, it does it in the current browser tab instead of opening a new one.

Anyway, just some ideas. Thanks so much for your awesome program!! I can really see this going far, even so far as to control electronics in the home. Not just lights, but the TV, the oven, the microwave. In fact, I'm learning how to write programs to control such appliances and I'd like to use Tazti in them. Thanks again!
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Using Tazti to build websites

jjdugan 4013 February 23, 2010 09:42AM

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