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Re: Renaming photos

September 09, 2013 08:38PM
Hello Andy,

If you're using tazti 3.0 then you won't be able to do this at all - the dictation feature was removed from that version. If you have tazti 2.4/2.4.1 then there are a few ways you could this.

Simplest approach: ugly brute force:
1. Open the directory containing your photos and set the directory to display the files as large or extra large icons (so you can determine the subject of each image)
2. Open up notepad
3. Turn on tazti 2.4 and put in dictation mode
4. For each picture say the name of the file and tazti will type it into notepad, then hit the enter key to go to the next line in notepad
5. When you're finished or have had enough, put tazti into mute, then one by one copy the name typed on each line in notepad, go the matching image, put the file into rename mode, then paste the name of the file... and continue for each file.

The benefits: you let tazti do the typing for the names
The drawbacks: you still do a lot of copy/pasting, tazti may misunderstand you, if you want underscores in the names you will have to put them there manually.

A less simple approach, requing some programming skills:
1. Dictate into notepad as above, but instead of hitting the enter key between names, enter a comma, and save your file with the extension .csv (denoting it as a comma delimited file)
2. Write a script (using VBS or powershell or PERL, a batch file or something else along those lines - python might also work) that iterates through all the files in your directory in the same order as you created the list of names in the comma delimited file you saved. Write the script to rename the files automatically. You can also specify that spaces get removed or replaced with underscores in the script.

The benefits: tazti does the typing, much less copy pasting
The drawbacks: you have to have some proficiency in programming, for a small number of files you may end up typing more to write the script than you would just renaming the files manually

Another brute force approach:
1. Open up the dir containing the images
2. Manually put each image into rename mode (so that you can edit the name)
3. Dictate into tazti the name so that the file name changes directly. Hit enter button when done to save name.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until done

Benefits: eliminates notepad files
Drawbacks: if tazti misunderstands you, unpredictable events may happen

Generally, other approaches using tazti such as using custom commands with command line or the API feature wouldn't really work very well for you. You can try experimenting with these features but I am not terribly optimistic. If anyone else has any suggestions for Andy, feel free to post.

support, team tazti
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Renaming photos

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Re: Renaming photos

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