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Using Tazti's API function with SKYPE

November 01, 2010 02:56PM
When i first saw the API function in Tazti i thought, "What good will this do???". I really didn't see any benefit to this fuction.
But i'm glad i know better now smiling smiley

Basicly what the API fuction does is letting you run a program or website with pre-defined options.

Now like the topic name says, this article is about Skype and how you can use Tazti to control it.

Skype has some Command Line Options (similair to the old MS-DOS interface) that you can use to define how you want Skype to react.
These options are:

/nosplash - do not display splash screen when Skype starts
/minimized - Skype is minimized to system tray when it starts
/callto:nameornumber - call the specified Skype Name or SkypeOut number
/shutdown - close Skype
/secondary - allows you to start an additional skype.exe instance

Now the ones that i find particularly interresting are /callto: and /shutdown, because these options allow you to use tazti to initiate or break off calls to anybody you want with skype.

Let's make an API profile to make calls to a specific name or number.

Go to the API tab in Tazti and select "Add API"

Step 1: First thing we have to do is give a name and description to our API profile, in both cases i entered: "Skype API Profile".

Step 2: What speech command to use to trigger the API profile. Most obvious i think would be: "Make a call to".

Step 3: Select: "Run a program" and follow the path to Skype.exe (standard in windows: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe).

Step 4: Select how the API passes information.... in this step select: "it will add it to the end of program or URL". Since to command line options will be added after Skype.exe

Step 5: Select the method used to start & stop the API profile:
I leave this one to your own taste.
If you choose: "Like a gaming profile" you have the advantage that you can add a "hangup" command to your profile, but also you need a "stop" command to stop Tazti from listening to the commands defined in your profile. A big disadvantage i think would be that if you "say" a name in your conversation, that is also defined in your profile and Tazti picks it up, than Skype might start calling this person.
I haven't actually tried this and don't know for a fact what will happen.
Now if you choose: "Like voice search" Tazti stopt listening to any other command defined in your API profile and you will have to define a special command to hangup and quit Skype. Which isn't a big disadvantage since you only have to define the command once and you could use either a Tazti "Custom" or "API" command to do this. (I think a Custom command would be best).

For this example i choose "Like voice search"

Ok so we've created our Skype API profile now let's add some people that we want to call.
Skype gives the option to either use the name of a skype user (skype to skype is free) or a phonenumber of an actual phone (to use a phonenumber you have to buy Skype Credit) .

Select "New Speech Command" and you will get 3 fields to fill in and a 4th one that is already filled in,
In the first field "Speech Command", fill in the name of the person you want to call: "machrias"
In the second field "Describe what....", fill in a discribtion of what the speech command does, "makes a Skype call to Machrias"
And the third field is the actual option/parameter we'll be passing to Skype "/callto:machrias"
Make sure you use the exact same name as defined in Skype, so the exact Skype Username of the person you want to call.

Now if you want to make a call to an actual phone you have to fill in the entire phonenumber, so that means Countrycode and Areacode included.
I'm not to good with international phonenumbers, but for a call in the Netherlands this could look something like this: "/callto:+31401234567"
This is not and actual phonenumber, but +31 is the countrycode for the Netherlands, (0)40 would be the areacode for the district of Eindhoven and 1234567 could be and actual subscribers phonenumber (but it's not).

All that is left to do is make a speech command to hangup and shutdown Skype.
For this, go to the "Custom" tab and click "Add"

Step 1: Type the trigger words you will say: "Hangup Skype".

Step 2: Select what happens: select "Run a program with command line".

Step 3: Select a program, follow the same path to Skype.exe (standard in windows: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe).
Enter Parameters, type: "/shutdown".

Step 4 Save the Command.

Have fun with Tazti and Skype.
Once again, i hope this is usefull to at least some people out there smiling smiley

With kind regards,

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Using Tazti's API function with SKYPE

Machrias 5811 November 01, 2010 02:56PM

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