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Re: "MutPma, m7" error

February 23, 2010 01:45AM
Hello grinning smiley

I use window vista 32 bits, in french.
I installed the logicial in success, and when i launch it, i can see the welcome screen with "mmmmmm" and the girl saying "hello, welcome to tazti. Then a green errow window appear and tell me:

-2147200942: Method '~' of object '~'

and if i click "ok" on this, the program crash. If i try to say something to my computer, nothing happend, i tried 10 minuts all the words possible to say, (the microphone was in "Listening" and i pass the test for the first exercice of recognition, for that all worked, but when i'm in the program, nothing works.....

Can you help me please??
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"MutPma, m7" error

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