November 29, 2011 06:03PM
Hi Coyote Ken,

Thanks for the note.

We also observed a similar "Microphone Volume is reset to Zero automatically when tazti opens" problem when we were testing our Win 7 64 bit test machines. We have an Alienware win7 64bit machine and an Asus Win 7 64bit machine both running Realtek HD audio that both experienced this problem. We have a third Alienware Win 7 64bit PC that is running an audio program other than Realtek HD audio. This third machine did not experience the "mic reset to 0" problem.

After some research we think that some versions of Adobe Flash may interfere with Realtek HD audio controls. We believe this is due to the fact that Adobe is now including in Flash some ability to control mic/camera/audio. When 64bit versions of Windows 7 were originally released, a 64bit version of Flash did not exist for 64bit versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers. Now Adobe has newer versions of Flash available for 64bit IE, Firefox and Chrome that work well. During our testing we discovered that installing the latest version of Adobe Flash seemed to eliminate our mic reset problem.

So we'd be interested to see if your 64 bit Windows 7 PC, when updated with the latest version of Flash, solves your mic reset problem, or if you have different results that we can use if further debugging is needed.

We highly recommend you follow the instructions below to insure you get the correct version of Flash installed for your 64bit browsers.

1. If your mic on your 64 bit Windows 7 PC doesn't work with your 64 bit version of tazti, go ahead and close the tazti dashboard. There should be a window displayed below tazti that becomes visible when you close tazti. The window should confirm you have an older version of Adobe Flash installed on your Windows 7 64 bit PC, that is not functioning correctly with Realtek HD audio and other apps on your PC.

2. Go ahead and click “Check for online solution.” as this will find the latest Flash version for your PC. It can take several minutes till it finds the correct version online.

3. Install the latest version of Flash.

4. Restart your PC and set your mic to the correct levels.

5. Open tazti and see if tazti has stopped resetting your mic to 0.

This is quite an interesting problem showing the complexity of having many components built into a system. Note: We do have a Flash component running in the tazti dashboard that does absolutely nothing in any way important to tazti functioning. It's interesting how this may have caused the problem.

Let us know how this works for your system.

Ken, Thank you very much of your comments. We appreciate them!

Stu at team tazti
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Strange bug in Windows 7 x64 - tazti when opening resets Microphone Volume to Zero when Realtek HD is the default Sound app in the PC

coyoterys 3432 November 28, 2011 11:56AM

Re: Strange bug in Windows 7 x64 - tazti when opening resets Microphone Volume to Zero when Realtek HD is the default Sound app in the PC

admin 2776 November 29, 2011 06:03PM

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