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Re: Multiple keystrokes requiring different delays

August 22, 2012 11:35PM
Hi all,

First let me thank Wizcave for posting here and Coyoterys for responding. We at tazti central haven't done as fine a job keeping up with the forums as we should, and I want to apologize for that. The main reason for that is that we have several new versions of tazti we are working on that should be released in the next few months, and we are pouring most of our effort into that. Unfortunately this has meant that the forums haven't had the attention they deserved. We will try to do better.

Second, let me address Coyoterys' concern about tazti being abandoned: we are still here, and we have no intention of abandoning tazti. We appreciate your kind comments about tazti (and also Wizcave's kind comments). We recognize that there are a lot of disabled gamers out there who rely on us, and we appreciate their support. We aren't going away.

Third, I would like to address Wizcave's question. It sounds like what you're really looking for is a hybrid of the multiple keystroke speech command and the macro speech command - basically you want to be able to send a multi-key (shift+0) with a delay followed by one (or theoretically, multiple) keystrokes sent serially. Unfortunately, the gaming features in tazti do not support this. The closest you are going to get is your own proposed solution: two speech commands, one being a multi-key command (shift+0) followed by a single-key command (1). On the plus side, the delay required for you to say the second command will allow NVW to process the command correctly. On the downside, you won't really have the ability to fine tune this to get the fastest possible response. Let me know how well you are able to get this to work

The API tab, as you guessed, is not really suited for this sort of thing. It's more for advanced hacker-types who want to be able to interact with other programs on a more programmatic or technical level, and not really for keystroke generation. Frankly, it helps to have some computer science background before trying to use the API tab -- undestanding some basic concepts about Information Organization really helps in understanding the deep power of what the API feature can really do. Most basic users don't really delve too deeply into it.

Finally, the new versions of tazti. There will be several versions, and they will incorporate the feedback we've received over the last year from users. A few not-often-used features will be phased out, some new features will be added, and some very commonly requested featues will be added. The app will have a somewhat different look and feel, but the goal will still be simplicity of use. And of course, we will have quashed a bunch of bugs. All in all, a stronger, more robust tazti. We will post more info as we get closer to launch.

Thanks again for your support, and we will try to be more responsive going forward. We do appreciate your patience.

Support, team tazti
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Multiple keystrokes requiring different delays

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Re: Multiple keystrokes requiring different delays

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Re: Multiple keystrokes requiring different delays

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Re: Multiple keystrokes requiring different delays

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