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Re: Licensing

December 12, 2012 09:58AM
That's unfortunate from most posts I've read it sounds like those are the features everyone uses together (Gaming Profiles, Custom Commands and the API).

If those features were in one version I would think it would be a complete version that most people would happily upgrade to in the future but splitting those up would be more of a hindrance unless there was some way to use and run the versions at the same time. (Possibly another version for those of us that use these features together)

I know just during the trial the features I used most are the Gaming Profile for creating specific profiles such as using it with GMail and other custom browsing shortcut key functions and the API for executing programs for things such as version control, that require me to pass value substitution and execution while still being able to use other basic functions.

I personally have never had a need to use these other tabs since I can setup my own via the Custom Tab as required.
1. Stuff Tab
2. Places Tab
3. Music Tab (although this is a very nice feature I typically listen to music through a browser not iTunes)
4. Social Tab

I and some others I've talked to would love to purchase versions of the application but if we can only look forward to bug fixes and no new features, it's kind of like purchasing a retired project, no one wants to buy something going into a bug fix only release.

I hope you consider an alternative solution for those of us that use these features together.

Thank you for a great product!
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