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Re: Windows 7 32-bit compatability

January 06, 2014 05:22PM
Hi Thomas,

Glad that you're having a good experience with tazti. In response to your questions...

The latest version of tazti is 3.2. tazti 3.2 is not available for 32-bit, and in the near future we do not plan to create a 32-bit version. Honestly, I am impressed that you have it working so well on 32-bit Win 7. If you try to switch into Kinect mode, you will likely have more serious errors, although if you have the Kinect for PC hardware lying around, feel free to try it and let us know.

If you really want a 32-bit version of tazti, go to download.com and download tazti 2.4 for 32-bit vista/win7 edition. It will only be on download.com (tazti 32 bit version is no longer available anywhere. ADMIN) for a short while and will go away when we upgrade our website, and also post 3.2 on download.com. A few caveats, however, if you do this:

1) There are significant differences between tazti 3.2 and tazti 2.4. tazti 3.2 has better speech recognition, cleaner interface, is more stable and has generally improved features. It strips out the less commonly used features in tazti 2.4. Depending on your system and how much you train, your mileage may vary.
2) Download recently changed their website to make things more confusing and at the same time started bundling posted software inside their own installer - which pesters you with 'offers' to install other software. We have no control over this, we didn't ask for it, and frankly their terms of service let them do whatever they want. Still, be cautious during the install (the usual caution when installing any software you download from anywhere).
3) tazti 2.4 allows you to change and I think disable the opening WAV file. We may in the future add this feature back to tazti 3.2.x,. but we've been focused on making other changes.
4) I recommend deleting the custom commands manually. If you really want to delete all custom commands in a swoop, do the following: add at least custom command you plan to use, then go to your documents/tazti directory and delete commands_customfree.xml, then go open root drive:\Users\your-PC-user\AppData\Roaming\tazti\commands_customfree.xml in a text editor, and delete all teh <c /> xml tags except for the ones you added/want to keep. Run tazti to make sure it runs. If you have problems, uninstall, delete the documents/tazti directory and reinstall and try again. If you are familiar with XML, you will be ok. If not, then I recommend just deleting them out manually through tazti.

It would be great if you could post a YouTube movie of your Robot using tazti and send us a link.

Let us know how it goes.
Support Lead
team tazti

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Windows 7 32-bit compatability

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Re: Windows 7 32-bit compatability

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