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Re: tazti command to close a window

March 23, 2014 08:43PM
Hi - I am glad that tazti is helpful in improving the quality of life of your friend who suffers from blindness.

IN answer to your question, there is a built-in speech command that will help your friend - 'close window'. If your friend says 'close window' tazti will close whatever window is currently active (in other words, whichever window is on topmost on your screen). You can find it in the list of commands listed on the 'custom' tab. This command is always active with all the other custom commands as long as tazti is not muted and not listening for a gaming/application profile.

There are a couple of things to be aware of though, when using this command:

(1) if your friend has opened another window since he/she opened the browser to play music, then tazti will close that other window. It might be that your friend opened up another window without realizing it if tazti misheard your friend talking, in which case tazti would close that window rather than what your friend intended.

(2) if the browser has more than one tab open and you use the 'close window' command, the browser may pop up a window asking if you want to close all the tabs at once or not. If your friend cannot see the screen, they won't realize that the command worked, but the browser is asking for guidance on how to close. There are two ways around this: try not to open more than tab at a time in the browser, or tell the browser not to ask in future whether or not you want to close all open tabs (i.e. just close all tabs automatically whenever you close the browser, without asking). How to do the latter depends on the particular browser your friend uses, but in Firefox, for example, you can simply uncheck the checkbox on the popup asking about closing all the tabs, or you can do the following: press the f10 key, click the tools menu, then the options menu, click the 'tabs' tab, and uncheck the checkbox asking if you want to be warned about closing all tabs in the future. Changing this option will obviously have to be done by you to help your friend, and each browser has some sort of similar option although the exact manner of changing it will be different.

A few other things of note: if your friend doesn't like the trigger phrase 'close window' you can change it, or delete the command entirely through the 'custom' tab.

Also, there is no direct way to target a specific window or open program other than the 'active' one without having some more advanced knowledge of batch file programming. If you some experience with this I can help you get started with figuring out how to do this,but this is usually well beyond the skills of the average user.

I hope this helped. Let us know if you have more questions or need some clarification about this answer.

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tazti command to close a window

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Re: tazti command to close a window

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