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Don't you sometimes dream that your PC can hear and understand what you say and perform actions in response to your voice. Well, it can happen now using tazti speech recognition API software. If you love to make things, integrate technology or mashup this to that, then the tazti speech recognition API gives you a new interface to utilize in your creations. You can control applications and websites by voice and you can even control programs that may require use of command line parameters and query strings for total control. Just enter your command line parameters and query strings into tazti where needed and watch how easy it is to build a speech interface for almost anything. Another option is to mashup tazti to an application similarly to how autohotkey works, by using the keybinding feature in tazti to associate a speech command you create to a keystroke.

PC based robotics, robots and macro programs can be controlled easily with tazti. You will find some cool examples of robotics integrations and tazti mashups on Youtube by searching Youtube for the keyword tazti. If you've integrated tazti into a unique project feel free to make a video of your creation and post it to Youtube under the keyword tazti!

Unleash the power of your voice with tazti.

tazti's API consists of two features: Custom Speech Commands, and Game/Application Speech Commands. Each feature allows you to mashup applications, robots etc. in a different way.

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