MMO - RPG - FPS - RTS - Speech Recognition for PC Games

So you play PC games all the time. Now you can use tazti speech recognition to control and play most PC video games as well as many browser based games, by talking to your PC. All you need to do is set up a profile for each game in tazti and then enter speech commands that you can keybind to a key on your PC keyboard. You can create a profile with every keystroke avilable in a game associated to a speech command or your profile can have only a few speech commands that you want to trigger without having to look down at the keyboard! You speak the speech command and your character in game responds as if you've pressed that hard to reach keyboard key! Play using your keyboard and mouse at the same time you use your speech commands! Play WOW, COD and many other games by talking to your PC!

Now is the time to try tazti and change the way you interact with your PC. Unleash the power of your voice.